2016 has been a significant year for submarine operators

The Successor SSBN Programme has been funded in the UK, Bangladesh will commission two Ming Class SSKs - thereby joining the Submarine club - and in the Mediterranean we recently saw a Dutch submarine shadow and fence with a Russian Task Force. These events all illustrate one thing: Submarines remain a critical warfighting platform, with increasingly diverse roles.

Our speakers will be delivering briefings on recent operations and innovations, for example the implications of conventional diesel-electric Russian submarines launching cruise missiles against ground targets in Syria, and how leading navies are incorporating the capacity to launch special forces units and unmanned systems into their submarine designs. While traditional Anti-Surface Warfare missions remain a priority, it is clear that the submarines of today and tomorrow are, and will be, highly capable and versatile vessels. The role of unmanned submersibles is also growing apace, with applications in counter-mine warfare, recon and – indeed – in bolstering the capabilities of traditional submarines.

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Naval personnel, technical experts and industry leaders should attend in order to:


Ensure your submarine design, construction and equipment keeps pace with the broadening range of roles that these boats are expected to perform


Identify cost-effective and low-manpower solutions such as unmanned submersibles that will increase your sub-surface capability


Ensure that your navy possesses an effective area-denial capability, which is also capable of covertly patrolling and policing key waterways

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